Saturday, 2 August 2008


Alan is your average British 1970s man. He likes a sip of Double Diamond on a Friday night, had an eye for the ladies, and loves the Professionals. But on a Sunday he likes a quiet life. He likes nothing more than to take his dog Rex for a walk on the downs. He enjoys a spot of birdwatching so he takes his binoculars with him. However on this occasion Alan makes a fatal mistake. He stares at a Pylon through his binoculars. Did he not know that this is extremely dangerous,
Now who will walk Rex home?

Silly Billy

Silly Billy is a typical 1980s teenager. A curious mind and not much thought for his own safety. Today’s Billy’s 15th birthday and when he got a metal detector from his dad this morning he couldn’t wait to run down to the banks of the Thames to try it out.
Billy was in such a hurry he scoffed down his shredded wheat without chewing properly and ran out of the house down to the Thames. Billy didn’t even notice a sign that read “Danger UXB!”
Sadly he won’t reach his 16th birthday.